New Art Fair in the Heart of Miami Beach Created Especially

for Emerging Contemporary Artists and Galleries





BURST Project Art Fair is an innovative presentation of contemporary art stretching
from Miami Beach to Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. Featuring painting, surreal pop
art, sculpture, mixed media, photography and video and street art - BURST Project
presents a selection of exceptionally talented rising artists and galleries from around the
world. Additionally, BURST Project is very proud to be able to present new public art
installations from  Artist Carlos Cruz-Diez.






Conversation with Carlos Cruz-Diez


BURST Project Art Fair is a contemporary art celebration founded by artists Gabriela

Sanchez-Vegas and Rudolf Kohn. BURST Project Art Fair was
created to give emerging artists and galleries an opportunity to present new works
during the annual Art Basel festivities in Miami Beach, and to reach beyond the ‘typical’
gallery confines to present art in public places and new unexpected venues.

BURST is poised to become one of the leading platforms for inspired contemporary art
and emerging artists, and this year’s the debut show is excited to feature a wonderful
mix of superb talent.


BURST / Miami Beach


BURST will be the first major art expo to take place in and around the newly refurbished
Art Deco Center on Ocean Drive. Located in the heart of Miami Beach’s historic Deco
dreamland, major renovations have transformed the historic building into one of Miami’s
best exhibit and event locations. BURST also expands beyond the gallery to include a
contemporary sculpture garden along Ocean Drive in Lummus Park (adjacent to the Art
Deco Center).


BURST / Beyond Miami Beach


Expanding beyond Miami Beach - BURST is pleased to present several public art
installations in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. This year Miami’s Wynwood District will
also be host to the largest street art exhibit ever. Several emerging artists sponsored
by BURST will be creating original street art in the heart of one the most unique
concentrations of public art ever presented.



New installation from Carlos Cruz-Diez: Crosswalk Interventions. These Urban Art Interventions have
been a staple of Cruz-Diez’s public art initiative for over 40 years, and this year we are pleased
to present  original crosswalks in Wynwood @ NW 2nd Ave.
  On display November 30-December 5.
Street Art:
Come see the fabulous large-format wall art from Las Pandilla  @
NW 2nd Ave and 22nd Street in Wynwood.



BURST on Wheels


BURST is mobile with two double-decker buses that will be completely ‘wrapped’ with
original art from Artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. Traveling a special Art Basel route, the
buses will travel between Miami Beach and Miami’s Wynwood Arts District - providing art
lovers a colorful way to easily travel between the art events happening in Miami Beach
and Wynwood.


        For more information about the BURST Project,  please call 305-895-9652 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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